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At the aeropuerto in Puerto Vallarta… the adventure continues

Sarah and I just tried to leave Mexico – not because we want to, but because it’s just that time. We said goodbye to Grant (hotel manager I mentioned earlier) and Jose (our condo’s building manager), and climbed somewhat reluctantly in the taxi. Once we arrived at the airport, we met a friendly couple from Denver also in the line for United, Michelle and Mike. The four of us had quite a long time to talk because they searched every checked bag. I took a picture of that but then was told not to, so I deleted it (it wasn’t a very good picture anyway). 

Prior to leaving we had to go through the medical checkpoint, which took about two minutes. I think this checkpoint was mentioned in a comment here by an incoming travler to PV (David maybe?) – it isn’t a big deal at all. You have to fill out a piece of paper saying if you’ve had flu-like symptoms, your address, etc., and then your temperature is checked and you’re given a sticker. You can’t get on a plane without this sticker. As I was getting my temperature checked I asked if the temperature-checker and I could take a picture together (will post later). Not only did we do this, but he excitedly took out his camera and took a picture with me. I gave him my blog url, we’ll see if he finds it ok. It was comforting to know he finds this amusing too – it was kind of hard to tell what his expression was with that mask on.

Time passed, and we found ourselves at the ticket counter being told that our flight to Denver is cancelled because the plane was not sent from Denver here. No plane for us! No plane tomorrow either. We had two options – take the alternate flight route, or stay here and leave the country some other day. Had we seriously considered option 2, we may just have done that. But we took the alternate travel option. On a side note, I feel sorry for the ticket counter people who get to convey this news… I’m sure even after being relaxed and in a good mood for days on end, some travelers will not take kindly to the change in their plans. And who would blame them? As for me, I am energized by things like this happening.. although yes, it will be kind of a pain to travel through the day and night. 

Finding the wifi at the airport was challenging also – the “free wifi” was down. So we went to Starbucks, I purchased a chai tea so we could use the wifi, and then this network was not working either. I walked across the hall to Wings and was told that I need to be a paying customer to get the password. Understandable, but I didn’t really want anything at Wings. Fortunately there was a paying couple right near me who were more than happy to get that key and pass it along to me. So thanks to Wings and the paying couple, I am able to blog.

HW and I are now off to security and our gate to leave Mexico for real… we board in 45 minutes. Then we travel up and around the U.S. and eventually, tomorrow morning, she will arrive back in Chicago and I will continue on to Detroit.