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Leaving San Francisco

HW and I trained it in to San Francisco tonight and had dinner near the Mission / 42nd St. stop, at an Irish pub. That food tasted so good. It was in this pub that we realized she wasn’t on my flight to Chicago, she was on the one that left an hour earlier. Oops! Oops also on United’s part – we had talked with that nice ticket woman about “our” flight at 11:15 out of San Francisco, laughing it up. Luckily this was easily fixed – no one wants to leave San Francisco at 11:15 on Tuesday night, so she just switched flights.

But it gets better! I was instructed to re-check my baggage in San Francisco. I didn’t understand why I needed to do this since I was flying United to Chicago also, but I asked three different ways just to make sure that yes, I understood correctly, I needed to re-check it. I never got the reason why, but I assume it had something to do with clearing customs, but I still don’t really know. I had one of those moments where I felt really dumb for just not understanding something that is stated to me three different ways. I guess I didn’t believe it… that is what the issue was. (I just want to mention that this is not a United bash, I have flown United a lot actually and have been quite happy with this airline).

So I re-checked my bag in San Francisco, and just as the guy threw it down the re-checked luggage chute, I heard him say “Denver” to the guy in front of me. I said oh wait hi, my luggage needs to go to Chicago, is this still right then? And he said oh, Chicago, yes, Chicago. And I said Chicago… ok, are you sure? Because if it ends up in Denver, I’m going to be really pissed off. (I immediately felt horrible for being kind of mean to this guy though). He just nodded yes, yes, and the guy behind me who I think was also flying to Chicago also gave the chute man his luggage. 

So fast forward to now – here I am in San Francisco, and I get this email from Michelle (mentioned earlier today in the aeropuerto post) – it’s a picture. Interesting, I thought. Upon opening it, I see a picture of my luggage. Now, that is strange. Why is Michelle emailing me a picture of my luggage? (I’m a little slow right now, tired..). I open her next email and it says:

Mike and I saw your bag in denver such a bummer I snapped a pic for your blog

sent from my phone

I just started laughing, laughing so hard I couldn’t stop, for almost a minute. HW just shook her head, it figures, she said. 

We’re still laughing. But can you believe this? This is also exactly why I keep my necessities in my carry-on. I usually never check luggage, but going to Puerto Vallarta for a week I had to travel heavier than usual.

I still will do my post-Puerto Vallarta post I mentioned earlier and post some pictures. Thanks for all of your comments, it is so much more fun to post for people who have fun reading and living vicariously through the lens I view the world from.