Massage on the ocean. Amazing!


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  1. Where was this taken in PV? My fiance and I are going there for our honeymoon in Oct and would love to do massages on the beach like this!!

  2. Ok — I had to check w/my friend HW because I couldn’t think of the name, so here is a long answer, and congrats!
    It’s just north of PV – town is called Mismaloya. It’s a 25 minute scenic bus ride (if you’re up for that) that costs 6 pesos one way, or about 50 cents. That day by far was our favorite day. Mismaloya was very scenic, and quieter, and the massage was a highlight of my life!!!
    When going there, whether by taxi or however, you will go just past the overlook for Los Arcos, and you’ll see a resort just to your right in a very small town that is off to the right and left of the highway. Get off the bus/stop there, go to the right, towards the water. There’s just one beach. The water is more protected there by land, so it’s not as rough, great for swimming.. and the boats will take you out for pretty cheap and you can go snorkeling by Los Arcos, read all about that online. Also you must go to Le Klif restaurant, find images and info about that place. I think I may have mentioned it in one of my posts, but we never made it. It’d be easy because it’s right near Mismaloya, in fact I saw signs for it there, I think it is just beyond it maybe north a bit.
    Finally, you can see Los Arcos easily from this beach, you could almost swim over to it it’s so close.
    The massage was $40 US (if I recall correctly, for the deeper one) an hour. With the breeze and sound of the ocean, it was amazing… 🙂

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