Home sweet home

I’m going to ruin it all! I have the swine flu, which unfortunately I picked up in the lavatory in the airplane. I thought I heard pigs snorting, then everything went black, and I woke up with the swine flu! Although it hasn’t been confirmed. 

Actually, I am back in Michigan. And over the last week, I’ve created three short movies of slideshows with music from our travels! They’ll be up here very soon. The first is Puerto Vallarta as I experienced it in pictures (none of HW and I) – the other two are the first and second half of our trip. There is some overlap in pictures between two of them – the Puerto Vallarta in pictures one and the first half one.

When I arrived in Detroit this morning, my brother picked me up wearing his face mask (see picture below). I took this picture of him just before he covered his face with his hand. He also chose not to hang out with me tonight “just in case.” I was… fondly annoyed, the way only a sister can be with a brother. And he is the only one out of my immediate family who hasn’t really read my blog, haha, so I can mess with him on here and he won’t even know it!

My friends and parents aren’t worried about the swine flu so far. My roommate was also great – I was a little nervous about this since she is a nurse, but she was fine about everything when I left. Apparently she held on to that attitude even amidst the media firestorm in the U.S. that was apparently even worse last week… I was so pleased to read today that Michigan is scaling back its swine flu emergency response.

It was very nice to return home and see all the flowers in bloom – it makes leaving the ocean and days of relaxation on end a little easier. When I travel on a longer trip like this I try to ease back in to life at home… not talk to everyone at once, not go everywhere at once, and not immediately start on my to-do list. It seems to make the transition home much better, not to mention my reflections and memories become more cemented.

Well, I’ve had… not very much sleep. 3 hours? So I’m off to bed. In the next couple days I’ll get the videos up, along with my final thoughts on Puerto Vallarta and whatever else crosses my mind. Hope everyone is having a great day, wherever you are.

Until then, buenos noches. 🙂


One response to “Home sweet home

  1. So glad you are back safe! Talk to you soon

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