Friday, later

HW and I meandered around Puerto Vallarta for hours today – we ended up really far away from where we’re staying, up in the hills where there aren’t any tourists. Again, we saw people in masks, but way more people not. In a few doorways (next to the local paper) I noticed a flier warning residents about the influenza.

I have been making mental (and actual) notes about things that are very different here in PV, and one of them is that locals are all very friendly. I’ve done a bit of traveling, and in my experience that is not always the case. When Sarah and I ended up at the top of a hill wandering (not realizing) on to someone’s personal driveway who lived up there, the woman who lived there not only passed us on her way out as we were wandering in, but as we wandered out, she came walking back by with her little girl and engaged us in conversation. Then she said if there’s anything we need, let her know, and she pointed to where they lived. I was so tempted to say I don’t need anything, but can I come check out your pool and see how you live? She’d briefly described her dual views overlooking the city and the ocean, laying by her pool. But instead we made our way back down towards the touristy area.

We took a slightly different route back down just to change things up a little, and stumbled upon a closed school. I took lots of pictures of this. Today I took pictures of whatever grabbed my attention, and I’ll post a lot of them here.

Today is Labour Day so some of the businesses and restaurants are closed… and unfortunately I have a horrible toothache! I tracked down that resort manager I mentioned in an earlier post (he and I have gotten friendly), and he sent me to his dentist, who is not open – but hopefully he will be tomorrow. Since I don’t have dental (or medical) insurance at this point in my life, I suppose getting dental work done here would actually not be the worst thing. 

Regarding a previous question, I said I’d ask about travelers leaving Puerto Vallarta. I’ve seen people leave successfully in the last day, and the people below me are leaving tomorrow… so no problems leaving. I didn’t actually ask an official or anything though, didn’t think of it as we were out today. Things are definitely picking up here though, although it still isn’t that busy… I see more people shopping, walking along the beach, and in restaurants.


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  1. These pictures are beautiful! I can’t wait to see call of them..

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