Current encouraging news on the swine flu – and the the sites I visited prior to flying down to PV

I really liked this article and all the comments that came in… read some of it just now (while watching the nightly fireworks here). HW and I are about to have a great homemade dinner.

Here are the main sites I visited and message boards I read before coming down here Tuesday.

Live Puerto Vallarta web cams 

Puerto Vallarta message board   

Reuters blog

Disney Community message board (this was actually one of my favorites to read, there is a woman from Mexico City posting and lots of good discussion around this)

Chicago Sun Times blog 


6 responses to “Current encouraging news on the swine flu – and the the sites I visited prior to flying down to PV

  1. haha, yeah I seem to think this might be another scare like “bird flu”. So glad I’m healthy and hopefully don’t have to worry about either one 🙂 Hope you are having a good trip!

  2. hello- great to find someone who is blogging about what its like in PV right now. We are heading there next Wednesday and I am hoping that everything isn’t too dead. We are staying at the Barcelo la jolla de mismaloya- a little outside of PV, but I’m hoping we still have a good time. Are they still doing fishing trips/tours? things of that sort? thanks! Sounds like people are making it worse than it is!

  3. Thanks again for all the updates. Marisa- we will be arriving in PV on Sunday and we are also staying at Barcelo la jolla de mismaloya. I will try to get on this blog and leave a comment about what is is like at the Barcelo for you. After reading all of the updates we are getting really excited for our trip. Thank you.

  4. Oh thats great to know! I’d really appreciate having an update on how the hotel is operating. I’m hoping they don’t shut restaurants and go bare bones! I heard there is a little town right there- so hopefully they are still offering services like the beach side massages. Thanks again everyone- great to know first hand what its like!

  5. My fiance and I are supposed to start out honeymoon there on the 10th. I am curious how many of the restaurants and shops are open? How has it been trying to find outdoor activities like hiking and horseback riding? Thank you so much for keeping this blog!

  6. Hey Mandy – all the shops and restaurants are open (except yesterday because it was a holiday). We are approached all the time to take tours, horseback rides, and every other kind of activity they have here so I think you will be fine. Congrats on getting married! 🙂

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