Wednesday evening

I forgot to mention earlier when we were at the beach the manager of that resort came over and asked us how we were doing (I think he thought we were staying at the resort, but that’s ok). I asked him about the swine flu here and his thoughts, and he said a major reason they closed the clubs in PV is because even though the swine flu is not here what happens when the universities get closed in places like Mexico City is that the students think it’s time to party, and they’ll hop on a plane over to PV and go clubbing. Closing the clubs was partially to prevent this and the spreading of the flu, he said.

While we were out this afternoon (we walked across town to eat dinner at a taco place, which was closed… so we ended up at a rooftop restaurant) I took pictures of what PV looks like right now. I can’t get over how quiet it is here. I saw more people with masks tonight, although most everyone we saw still was not wearing one. I also just noticed no ships are docking, and heard Carnival is not stopping in Mexico now. We’ve only been here for just over 24 hours, but I haven’t seen any other cruise lines either. Maybe they don’t dock in the older part of Puerto Vallarta? Maybe just over by the hotels near the airport around the bay? Since our taxi ride here yesterday we’ve just meandered around older PV, not gotten back over by that resort/hotel strip. There are a lot of resorts over here too though.

We’re still being careful, washing our hands, not playing with swine, etc… glad to be here. In the back of my mind I am thinking about when we leave (Tuesday May 5th) and how I will re-enter life in the U.S. So far my plan involves my brother dropping my car at the airport and me heading home and staying inside for a few days alone. I have a feeling I will be fine – we’re eating well, drinking lots of water, staying clean, and taking great vitamins every day (thank you Cassady) – but I also want to ensure my friends and family aren’t exposed to anything. I may miss a little school.

Meanwhile, fun! HW made sun tea and we’re now just drinking that, hanging out watching the ocean and the sun set over our living room balcony, reading and relaxing enjoying a cool breeze… we may go for an evening swim. I could get used to this.


2 responses to “Wednesday evening

  1. Hey glad you are having a good time. Continue to be safe and healthy! Always glad to help.

  2. Nice writing and reporting on the situation there. Sounds like you’re having fun and taking good precautions – wish I could hang out with you down there for a day or two.

    Have a great time – keep up with the awesome blogging.


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