It’s Thursday in Puerto Vallarta, and things are picking up a little bit (probably because it’s almost the weekend). Last night there were fireworks and people running around more on the streets, and today I’ve seen new arrivals at various condos and resorts right around us. I also saw quite a few booze cruises going out this morning from my living room balcony. 

HW and I spent five hours or so just laying on the beach, and I swam in the ocean for the first time. When we got down to the beach late this morning, 2 employees at a restaurant had masks on. I haven’t seen masks anywhere else though. They seemed nervous and I tried to joke with them a little about swine flu scares, but they just looked at me and didn’t laugh. They may just have had no idea what I was saying. The bartender laughed and rolling his eyes, said he isn’t concerned. A little later I was waiting outside a bathroom next to another woman. She leaned over and asked me if I was scared to come here. No way, I told her… I thought it was overblown and now being here I really do think that. She said yeah, me too. She was from Denver. And this is all the swine flu conversation I’ve had so far today! 

I talked with my friend last night who was supposed to come with us and decided against it. She is now in Key West (she was able to stay with her aunt there), and said on her flight to Miami that had masks on the plane.

Now we are heading out to look for a market…


3 responses to “Thursday

  1. I heard PV isn’t allowing people in or out of the city? Do you know anything about this?

  2. Wow, thanks Tina for mentioning this! I have not heard this and there is no sign it is true here. I saw people arriving this morning – if they came by plane, then it is definitely not true, but I don’t know how they came. To not allow travelers in/out does not make sense to me either. I just tried searching online to see if I could find anything, and I didn’t… that would be really big news right? Where did you hear it? I’m guessing it’s a rumor. I’ll ask around and find out for sure.
    I did find this article (last update today) that is written by a reporter in Puerto Vallarta.
    I may also do a blog showing all my sources I read and chat groups I followed prior to coming down here.

  3. Sarah, thank you for your posts. This is such an informative blog. The major media networks are really over-covering everything to the point of almost panic. It’s ridiculous. But thank you so very much!!!!

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