My body clock is still a little off… I thought it was 8:30 or so when I woke up because the clock in the kitchen’s time was wrong and then my computer says 11 a.m., it’s still on EST. Then in talking with my mom, I realized I’d actually woken up before 7! No wonder the sun wasn’t touching the beach or buildings, and barely anyone was out walking.. I loved being up early and the peace and quiet though.

Last night we rounded out our night by taking a walk down on the beach and exploring hidden brick staircases that go everywhere. When returning from the beach, we walk up 200 relatively steep steps, crossing over one cobblestone street, to get back up to our condo. We love it! 🙂

So, day 2. We are heading out to change our money over today – too tired to last night. All places take U.S. dollars, but we’ve heard we’ll get more for our money if we change over and use pesos. Not to mention, whenever HW and I travel, we try to immerse ourselves in the local culture so this is part of that. We spent a few hours at a local restaurant last night that was recommended to us as being inexpensive and a chill place, with really friendly owners. We not only met one of the owners (Debbie), but also her favorite local massage therapist/friend Felipe, and a guy named Jeff who loves to draw artistic maps of Puerto Vallarta. With a high level of enthusiasm he showed us on our map what older neighborhoods to be sure to walk through and check out, where the best taco stand is, and how to find and take a hike up to actual Mexican villages right in the middle of Puerto Vallarta. Debbie told us that over the past few days, a lot of tourists left as fast as they could, scared. Not all, but a lot. Felipe is concerned because (understandably) no one wants massages because no one wants to touch anyone else. 

Restaurants and bars are being asked to close at 11. Clubs are still not open. It’s relatively quiet. HW and I love this, of course. Last night we ran in to a couple from Seattle who arrived here Saturday. They are debating if they should travel home earlier than their original date, which is this Sunday. They are not much concerned about getting the swine flu here – but are very concerned that they will run in to huge delays at the airports on their way home… apparently the husband especially cannot afford to be delayed in his return trip. I share this concern to an extent, but I also have more time – I will miss a little of the beginning of my next semester of class if I’m delayed at all, but I can catch up at the same time. If I had a job I had to rush back to, I might be more concerned. Oh! This couple also had just come across my blog, how crazy is that…


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  1. Thank you for your comments on my Examiner article about the Swine Flu in Mexico. Your insider view is very helpful. I’ve taken the liberty of referring to your blog in my article today, I’m sure plenty of people are looking to advise from you and others who are currently in Mexico for on-the-street, current information. So, thanks.

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