Puerto Vallarta, here we come…

After much planning and lots of anxiety over the weekend tracking the progress of the swine flu worldwide, my friend Sarah HW and I are heading to Puerto Vallarta tomorrow morning after all. There was much that went in to our decision, some of which I may get in to on here at a later point.

I freely admit I’ve had quite the addiction to the internet lately as I sought news, blogs, threads, and newspapers online for any information regarding the swine flu being in or near Puerto Vallarta. I couldn’t find anything — except on Sunday, I heard about the 18 possible cases in Jalisco (the state in which Puerto Vallarta is located), which turned out not to be the swine flu. 

My overall impression of this is that yes it is serious, but in light of the numbers of people and cases involved and then the distance from Mexico City to Puerto Vallarta and what I see around online, I feel fairly safe going. But then again, I’m also a bit of a risk-taker. HW shares this opinion, and is as well. 

Our family and friends in the United States range from full-out panicked to “I’d go too, just be careful..”

So I decided to chronicle our experience as we travel down to Puerto Vallarta here, to kick off my new blog. This way friends and family can follow along, and those I’ve come in to contact with in recent days on the world wide web can too.

Goodnight. Tomorrow morning in Chicago, we’ll don our masks and see what we’re in for.


7 responses to “Puerto Vallarta, here we come…

  1. Yes, please keep us posted. I too am scheduled to travel to Puerto Vallarta on May 24th with a group of fellow medical students. We are scheduled to work in a local clinic part time while we are there (yes I realize the irony…) so any updates would be awesome!

  2. Good luck Sarah! My 15 year old son is in PV right now and I won’t hear from him till Saturday. Yes I am nervous and a paranoid parent but he is young and strong even if he gets it. Wash those hands and have a blast! 🙂

    ¡Adíos mi amigo!

  3. I wish you all the best! Good luck.

  4. Hi Sarah!

    I can’t wait to hear an update from you. I am scheduled to go there Thursday April 30th.

    I am staying at a resort and can’t seem to find information about risks at resorts. I will be staying at the Royal Decameron resort….anyone now anything about this???

  5. Please, please, please keep us informed and update your Web site. We’re planning to leave this Saturday for Zacualpan; it’s north of PV and we don’t know if the media is just going bonkers.

  6. Thanks so much for the information. please keep us posted. May 23rd is our trip and haven’t decided on going for sure or not, it all depends on what happens…are any or all nightclubs/restaurants open??

  7. Could you post some of the best restaurants you found? Especially holes in the wall that you wandered into 🙂

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