Sarah and I are in Chicago awaiting our flight to Puerto Vallarta. Boarding begins any time and there are 30 or so passengers here.

I have my mask on, yes… have had it on since getting on the plane in Detroit… no one else has masks on here. HW is about to put her mask on when we enter the plane.

The last few days I have been on quite a few sites commenting and reading, as I said last night. Late last night I came across a person who visited Puerto Vallarta from April 4th-17th and she is healthy – however her brother and friend are both sick, one of which has the swine flu – confirmed. They are from Santa Barbara. I was grateful she let us know… and more than a little freaked out. By the time I heard about this, it really was too late to change anything.

Just to give you a little background on my story and why I am still going to Puerto Vallarta… it is likely that I will be enrolled in two schools over the summer (finishing undergrad, and starting school at a massage institute in the middle of May). If this is the case, I would not be able to take this trip later. Oh and I start grad school in the fall. As I’m currently out of a job, I didn’t want to waste the money and trip… (ticket is nonrefundable). Our airline would have allowed us to change destinations for no charge (except the difference in flight cost) but the flights were expensive and we’d end up paying more money, without a secure destination in place (not to mention that it costs more money and we have paid for our condo in PV).

More soon – time to board.


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  1. Hi Sarah–I am following your blog because my husband and I are leaving for PV on May 10. Please keep posting!

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